Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why won’t this game work?

A. For starters you need to make sure that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed. Some of the games have a large file size. If you have a slow connection it my take a while for the game to show. Also please make you have access to the Internet. Even in some extreme instances please check to make sure that you have your computer turned on.

Q. I can’t seem to get the new updated site, what’s going on?

A. You might just have an old version of the site cached on your computer. You’ll want to ensure your browser’s cache is cleared. Please see your browsers help documentation to resolve this issue.

Q. I would like to report a bug in a game or on the website?

A. Please email us at Be very detailed in your description. Also include the word “Bug” in the subject of the email.

Q. I think I’m stuck.

A. Try “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start” If this does not work please request one of your online friends to play the game and see if they can get past the area that you are having issues with. If this still doesn’t help email me at Some of these games are hard. Even I have issue with them.

Q. Is it free for me to play games here?

A. Yes, it is free. Thanks for asking. Please tell your friends to sign up too. They will also get in for free.

Q. Why don’t you have any good games like “Tower Defense”?

A. Good games you ask? I may just be insulted. These games are great. I mean have you tried “Train the fighter?” This is so good. Oh and then there’s “Chalk Toss,” that game is freaking amazing.

Q. Why didn’t my score post.

A. Some times the tube of the Internet gets tangled and the scores don’t get posted right away or ever. Or maybe you weren’t logged in. Maybe a Dog chewed through your Cat 5e. But there is the chance that you were to quick to play the game again and it wasn’t able to post, Sorry.

Q. Why was my score removed from the high score list.

A. I was too jealous of your score and had to delete it. Besides if you got a higher score then me, then I'm betting you're a hacker anyways.

Q. Why do I have to register?

A. So that you can post your high scores to the system and challenge your friends to a game of “Psycho Aquarium.” So that you can be number one and that the world knows who you are.

Q. Why do I have to sign up for offers?

A. We’ve had problems with automated robots in the past. This is just our little way of protecting the users and protecting the authenticity of the site. But we sure hope that it doesnt degrade your user experience.

Q. How can I Digg this site?

A. Oh well go to a game that you like, click that bookmark button and select your favorite social bookmarking site. Then do what you normally do at that point. Thanks for bookmarking us.


A. GTFO. NW. send us a email at Tell us what game it’s on and where it is. We will delete it as soon as possible. I really hate when people do that stuff. TY

Q. I like looking at pictures of LOLcats. Do you have any?

A. I wish, but no, sorry.